Vocal Expression

The voice is a delicate yet powerful instrument. It is the first medium we use in our lives to express our needs and emotions, it is one of the main vehicles of language and it can make our presence felt far away from where we are, effectively expanding our sphere of action.

The voice is a manifestation of the breath and, just like the breath, it is a bridge between the physical and the psychoemotional. Our voice reflects our relationship with who we are and how we present ourselves to others, so working with the voice is a path of self-discovery and assertiveness.

Vocalising practices affect the breath, promoting a relaxed and lively state. The vibration that is generated gently massages the body from within and reestablishes a sense of wholeness. The sound of the human voice, including our own, can be soothing, comforting, inspiring and encouraging. Vocalising is a great mood enhancer in the short term and a powerful transformation tool in the long term.

You can develop your vocal expression in a workshop or in one-to-one sessions. The focus is on “finding your voice”, both literally and figuratively, and connecting to the joy of expressing yourself.


If you want to be notified when the next edition of a workshop is available for registration, write to me here with the workshop title as the subject.






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