Present Arts is all about learning and all about you.  I use my experience in Gestalt therapy, acting and yoga to create frames for you to explore and learn practically, at your own pace and in your own way.

We are a creative species by nature. Human stories tell of how we interact with life to satisfy our needs, realize our loves and manifest our visions. That is what human lives are about. If you are to be the protagonist of your own story, you need to discover your deepest motivations, let them move you and develop and use your creative capacities so you can DO WHAT YOU ARE.

People embark on a learning process with different motivations:

Feeling challenged by circumstances, emotions and decisions is not a disease that needs curing, but an unavoidable part of being alive that points in the direction of growth.  On a process of self-development analysis is not enough. For transformation to take place we need to transform the new knowledge into experience and action. Learning to connect body and mind, like actors/actresses do, is essential.


    • ACT(ION)ING SKILLS (body, voice, speech, creativity) – for artistic or non-artistic work

A performer’s instrument is their body and psyche. Sometimes technique is not enough to continue evolving and a Gestalt approach can support and ground further artistic development.


You can work with me in three different formats: