Character Development

A character in a script or a play, a self-devised character with no pre-written text, a role that we play in everyday life or even a persona carrying out actions in performance art. All of them require that we embody specific physical and psychoemotional characteristics.

When we play a character we are lending them our body and our emotional register, so we will train to broaden our range in both fields. We will work with our fantasy, ingenuity, intuition and experiences to be able to empathize with the character and give it consistency and depth. We want to strike a balance between their universal humanness and their defining particularities so that it does not become a stereotype.

Whether we start by analysing a text, by intuitively playing with a collage of ideas and impressions or by defining their function, the aim is to live through the character as we perform it.

You can work on character development for a specific project in one-to-one sessions or participate in a workshop in which we will work with improvisation.


If you want to be notified when the next edition of a workshop is available for registration, write to me here with the workshop title as the subject.




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