Dance Theatre

Photo: Elma Riza

This workshop series is for anybody who wants to play and perform with movement, voice and speech. The combination of dance and theatre offers endless possibilities. We can be funny, philosophical, biographic, quotidian, abstract, narrative, absurd, emotional and much more.

In this workshop we are all performers and authors. We work with free improvisation, simple structures and thematic frames to give shape to our own ideas using our body and our voice. We discover new facets of ourselves and we learn to find a common path with others without prior agreement.

  • We will develop our physical and vocal skills with different exercises and techniques from physical theatre, contemporary dance and text theatre.
  • We will learn to improvise, making decisions in real time and using our intuition.
  • We will work in solo, duet and ensemble constellations to perform small compositions in front of the group.

We all inspire each other reciprocally. The collective process promotes our development as a creative group and also provides a frame for individuality and exchange. Constructive feedback allows us to share our perceptions and experiences as performers or audience. Communicating like this nobody is right or wrong and we create a respectful, honest and supportive group culture.

No previous experience is necessary. All abilities are welcome.

Upcoming workshop in German, registration open:
Volkshochscule Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, Berlin
Wilhelmstr. 117, 10963 Berlin – Turnhalle
Fridays 16:15-17:45h / 22.01.21 – 26.03.21
Registration at the link above.


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