Personal development

I employ a Gestalt Therapy approach and body-mind practices from acting and yoga to facilitate insight, dynamic stability and action. The deepest motivation of any living being is to live and thrive. However, fixed patterns can disturb our natural self-regulation so that we play against ourselves with our thoughts, emotions, actions or inaction. I believe in the power of awareness, in finding the path of least resistence to open up new possibilities and in developing perseverance and creativity to navigate through all kinds of waters. The term personal development highlights the client’s responsibility in their own process, putting the focus on their engagement as opposed to suggesting a treatment that they receive passively. The focus is on learning about oneself in one-to-one sessions.

My clients are:

  • people who feel limited in one or more aspects of their life and want to create their own life story more freely
  • people who are going through challenging life circumstances and need support to hold themselves through them
  • artists coming across personal issues in relation to their work



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