Presence implies a certain magnetism or charisma and is a valued quality in a performer. When you have presence you don’t have to overexert yourself to reach the audience, because they give you their attention willingly.

You are most alive when you are in the present; when your awareness is here and now, focussed and yet open, still and yet dynamic, capable of following events as they unfold moment to moment. As a performer or communicator this state acts like a lense or an amplifier of what you do. There are no shortcuts to developing presence. It is related to our capacity to perceive the present and reduce our thinking into the past or the future. It is about being with our experience and in the environment simultaneously. This is a delicate art that needs to be practised.

You can develop your presence in a workshop or in one-to-one sessions. The tools and methodologies from dance and theatre improvisation that I use are applied to your own movement, voice and speech, so no performing skills are required. Practising presence contributes to a feeling of grounding and self-confidence in all interpersonal exchanges.


If you want to be notified when the next edition of a workshop is available for registration, write to me here with the workshop title as the subject.




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