A composition is the result of combining elements to form a whole. Although the word may be more traditionally associated with music, it is also used for other live arts. Composing is materializing an idea or inspiration using the elements that are available. The same elements can be used to make a huge amount of radically different compositions. If we think of notes in music, the elements are finite, but the compositional possibilities, like permutations, are vast. Think about time parameters like order, duration, repetition and simultaneity. Think about space parameters like distance, size, progression and symmetry. Think about the layering of elements. Think about intensity. Think about the relationship between each part or aspect to the whole. Our lives can sometimes feel limited in terms of what is available to us. Sometimes we can open up more possibilities. Sometimes we can’t. What we can always do is compose with what we have. For one thing, some compositions are bound to satisfy us more than others. For another, we will be consciously exercising our birthright to create a path in life.


María Ferrara



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