Props are all the objects on a theatre stage during a performance which are not costume, scenery or technical equipment. They are there to contribute something to the piece: a period, a place, a mood or an interaction with one of the actors or actresses. What does each of the objects we own contribute to our daily life? Are they serving us and our life, like props serve the performers and the piece? Or are they rather getting in the way of the action?


María Ferrara



  1. Interesting perspective! It makes me think about unnecessary purchases and their effect on my surroundings and on myself. It also makes me reflect on the shelf-life of objects. My suspicion is that I own many things that I used (and / or needed) for a while, but for one reason or another I am not using them anymore. Because they were useful for me at some point though and because I remember myself interacting with them when they were, they still seem worth keeping.
    So how and when does my idea of an object become independent from its meaning in the present moment?


    1. i like your question and i’m curious about the answer you may find! i can relate to what you say about past relationships with objects and their connection to the present. sometimes i may think that i’ll use them again. sometimes they may have emotional value. i have also discovered that this emotional connection can eventually disappear. so i take the time to see if i really feel the connection or just remeber that there was a connection. in the second case it becomes easy to let the object go. i somehow also think it can find a better home, where it will be appreciated 🙂


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