Act(ion)ing Skills

Acting literally means carrying out actions and has nothing to do with pretending. To make this distinction clear I like to say act(ion)ing. Actions include walking, speaking, singing, dancing and in fact everything and anything that we do outside our minds.

Act(ion)ing skills develop our instrument, our creativity and our sense of composition. They can be used

  • on a stage or in front of an audience
  • for communication, interaction, creativity and problem solving – professionally or personally

My journey from acting in text-theatre to creating and performing physical theatre has taken me through writing, dramaturgy, character creation, dance, vocal expression, clowning, devising and improvisation. These are the resources that I draw from to facilitate your learning process, so that you can develop your own tool box, adapted to whatever your motivation is.

I offer workshops and courses on specific themes and also one-to-one sessions in which we focus on your own personal interests and goals.