Traditionally, performers would travel from place to place to make a living off their work. Only very few would be permanently employed, for example by a person belonging to the nobility, and would therefore stay in the same place. This implied great adaptability to different performance conditions and audiences and also to living on the road. In general, itinerant performers were viewed with distrust and for a long time actors could not receive a Christian burial in many parts of Europe. Although nowadays performers tend to have a base home from which they travel, mobility is still important and still often conditions lifestyle. Collaborations with hosting teams needs a quick coming together, but are only short-lived and this can be both enriching and depleting. Not all relationships can become significant and connections that seemed intense may turn out to be superficial. Most of us tour around the world by means of social media and strike “friendships” with people we barely know. How can we keep these connections nourishing by being real about their nature?



María Ferrara



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