Ballet enhances going up; it uses jumps, lifts and standing on tip-toe or on the toes themselves. Modern dance at the beginning of the 20th Century started to bring the heels back down and in the 60s Postmodern dance allowed the whole body to lay down on the ground and invited weight into the dance. Regardless of where the emphasis is, up and down can not be separated from each other. Because we are in a gravitational field, anything that goes up will come back down. Also, to pull away from gravity in a jump we need to go down first by flexing our legs so that we can spring up. Outside dance, the deeper the roots, the taller the tree can grow, and the more it grows, the more sun it gets through its leaves and the more energy it has for its roots, which can then go deeper still. Up becomes down becomes up becomes down…


María Ferrara



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