Showing an unfinished work allows live artists to get feedback and also a feel for how the presence of the audience influences the piece. Both things are valuable in continuing with the work. There needs to be something to be shown, some hypothesis, some prototype. Many things may feel dubious, but if they are done half-heartedly it is impossible to see how they work. Therefore, the performers need to commit to the performance as if it was the finished product while remaining open to the audience’s reaction. It’s a moment of vulnerability in which the achievement so far is presented wholeheartedly and yet as a question. Are we, as persons, ever finished? Like all living things, we are in constant transformation. At every single point along the process of our life we are work in progress. This is no reason to be unsure, but a consideration to allow us to be wholehearted in what we are at this moment in time yet humble.


María Ferrara



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