The range of a singer refers to the extension of pitches that they can sing. The tessitura, on the other hand, is that part of the range in which the singer can comfortably present the particular characteristics of their voice and play with them. Systematically singing beyond one’s tessitura can eventually damage the voice and, on the other hand, the tessitura can be expanded with time and careful work. The range is the maximum stretch of what one can do. The tessitura is the part of what one can do that feels good. Some circumstances require that we exert ourselves to the limit. Always doing so might be so depleting that our capacities are reduced, for example by illness, and perhaps when we most need them. Going as far as feels good is not only pleasant, but can also expand our capacities. When we don’t push our nature but joyfully inhabit its potential, our possibilities tend to expand naturally.


María Ferrara



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