Gestalt Therapy – unblocking

The clarity of now.

Feeling stuck is the result of not being in the present,

because the present is never blocked, it is always flowing. Being in the past or the future interrupts this flow. The present is experimenting what is and what is happening, moment to moment, and it is this experience of being here and now that makes us feel alive. When we are in the present, we feel it as something that flows easily. However, when we are distracted with what was or what will be, it can be complicated to bring our attention back to what is happening. The more we practice being present, the more easily we are able to leave the pseudolife of images that our mind projects and place our feet on real life, participating from this unique and unrepeatable experience. Gestalt therapy focuses on the present because, regardless of what challenges we are faced with, the chance of doing something about them exists only in the present. Only then can the appropriate response to the situation emerge out of who we are in that moment.



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