Why I don’t use the word therapy.

A therapy is a treatment for an illness and the people I work with are not ill. Like many of us, they are aware that they feel limited in the way they are participating in life and they want to feel freer to engage and create their own story.

This is not an illness, it’s life pulsating to express itself from within you, through you, as you. I’m not here to cure anybody of anything. I’m here to share my professional knowledge and skills to support you in undoing patterns and being author and protagonist of your own life.



In collaborative work, the whole group is the author of the piece. When devising something together it’s impossible to say who made what, because everything is the output of something and the input for something else. Many things in life are created like this: the logistics in a shared flat, the frame of a relationship, the atmosphere in a party, the structure of a forest, the destiny of humanity…


María Ferrara